Glenlamond College Class of 2010 Leaver's Ball

Crieff Hydro, Perthshire's 4 star hotel staged the Glenalmond class of 2010 Leaver's Ball on Saturday 3rd July. The Hydro was a wonderful setting for the Ball and the stary nightsky and candleabra set of a magical feel to the evenings festivities. Cocktails were served upon arrival and the wine (and a few WKDs!) flowed after that. The Tibbermore Band played while guests danced the end of the evening away to the Dashing white Sergeant, Duke of Perth and reel of the 51st Highland Devision. Followed by an almightly Auld Lang Syne, arms swung enthusiasticaly by parents and students alike. So as another year passes at coll... we wonder what we will expect from next years Gs.

One little tip for all you leavers...

'Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss you'll still be among the stars.'

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