In a city as musically spoilt as Leeds, it is easy for aspiring nights to disappear without a trace, swallowed by the big names that dominate our weekends. In the year since its conception, Flux has distinguished itself from the rest with its unique focus on the atmosphere of its parties, as well as the quality of the music. Flux’s live instrumentals and exciting venues have helped it quickly develop a loyal following. 

From the highly acclaimed Leeds debut of Tanner Ross to the sellout success of the Ryan Crosson and KiNK at the Fresher's Week Terrace Party at Stinkys Peephouse, Flux has shown itself to be adept at constructing some of the most forward thinking lineups around. Expect a fusion of house, techno and disco, offering you the finest cuts from across the musical spectrum. 

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since Flux began its journey with the For No Reason Showcase in the intimate confines of Wire. A lot has changed since then, and we now find ourselves celebrating our 1st Birthday in the amazing surrounding of the most talked about club in Leeds, the new Mint Warehouse. Joining us, on his highly acclaimed Balance 020 World Tour, will be Swiss man-of-the-moment Deetron, alongside the eclectic label boss of Simple Records and Aus Music, Will Saul. Bringing the support we have much-hyped UK up-and-comers Casino Times and Liverpudlian house don Jesus Pablo.



So... after clearing out the basement I thought I would get stuck right in to shooting my housemate Sarina Hawkins. Although horribly shy about having her photograph taken, she always proves to be a natural in front of the camera. 

 I invited along my friend Lydia Herve who has the same Canon as me so that I might show her some tricks and tips with the camera. In showing her my methods of just shooting a simple portrait I was able to identify my own patterns of process. Vocalizing my techniques gave me such a great understanding of what I look for... and maybe what I should be looking for which I don't. 

 I rarely encourage the use of props in my portraits but it is something I have considered developing in order to add an extra dimension to my portraits, especially with working on my Portrait of a People project. 

At first the vinyl looked horribly cliche and appeared as if to be stills from a shopping channel. But once Sarina had relaxed with the object, had it spinning in her fingers the vinyl actually proved to work quite well. Maybe we should have had Sinatra playing while we worked... as opposed to Rhianna.

Those who follow my blog regularly will know that I love a bit of movement in a photo. Capturing Sarina flicking her hair was great, and definitely captures an essence of her alter ego 'Roxanne' in the glint of her eye. 

This is quite possibly my favorite shot from the shoot. So natural and her hair looks golden, whilst movement still exists through her hair we can still see her smile.  

It is Sarina's Birthday this weekend... the theme is Cowboys and Indians... No doubt I shall upload my shots from the night... Till then. KW x



Upon moving in to our house last year, I had grand visions of turning our basement in to a space I could utilise for my photography. I have taken a few photos down in this dark textured space before, see these shots of India and Emily. It was only this weekend however that I made moves towards turning it in to a space in which I can continuously utilise. 
Frustratingly I have to share the space with the washer and dryer... but they serve well as surfaces to work on so after a little shifting about I was able to create more space for myself. 
I brought my lighting kit downstairs and threw down some chairs.

I considered attacking the walls, smoothing them over, picking off the flaked paint and re painting white. But there is something about the raw textures in here which I couldn't get rid of. 
...after all it's easier to find a blank white wall than a grainy surface such as this. And who wants blank? Certainly not KW.



CARGO, Shorditch

The boys are off on tour... 
Good luck, Love and Peace x