"My camera is my ticket outside of myself."
-Doug Dubois


Key Stone


Crystaline number nine
The day of stars and eggs is mine,
Tie me in a ribbon bow
Tell me things I'd hate to know
And love to know but all the same -
The notes of self-inflicted pain.
Rock the boat,
Rock the bus,
The rock I'm standing on is Us.
Walking walls to script our falls,
Taking trains to rack our brains,
And when that is just not enough
Just sit …
In silence ….

Science is now catching up
To poet's lines and artist's brush,
The dying out of novelty,
The spiralling of everything,
The opening of angel wings
And the coming out of whats within.

by James Keo
It takes a bit more than owning a camera to be a photographer...

... or at least a certain type of photographer.