Admiring Jay Hawley

Working with the big man.
This was realy when i was first getting to know Jay.
The past couple of months i have come to understand him better and have huge admiration for him and his work.

Model: Tarka Russel


My little Utopia, my kingdom

On the top floor of my house in Scotland is a little room -an aspiring artists studio - though not quite big enough to be so.

A little safe haven for all those brushes, oils, paper, cameras, pens, pencils, dried flowers, rags and of course canvuses.

I thought I'd get some shots of my little Utopia - gorgeous colours and textures.

I only wish there was a bigger window. What is better than natural light?


Guns and Roses @ Aigas

Game stoot at the Lister-Kaye's in Invernesshire.
Fantastic energy at each peg.

(Not my photograph but just to give you an idea of the location)

Going old school...


Looking forward to a summer of aesthetic (and audio) ecstasy

All this snow has got me craving some summer love, and looking forward to the highlights of next years calander. -festivals interspersed with being a photographer for The Yacht Week. BOOM.

All these images are from 2010's Bestival.
I NEED this energy in front of me.
Which magazine am i going to freelance for? - not of course that i have the choice..
...but say if i did...

Doune the Rabbit Hole: 10th-12th June
Doune Castle's 2 day teaparty
- Rowchester Music Festival: 17th-18th July
-Hosted by the the Harper Gows!
(Saffron is an old friend)
Secret Garden Party: 21st-24th July
visual heaven?
Firefly Music Festival: 12th-14th August
-Hosted by the Hepworths
(I went to school with Peli)
Outlook Festival: 1st-4th September
-Friend and DJ, Liam Wachs (aka Wachs Lyrical)
runs the show alongside other Leeds bigdogs


Is there such a thing as a male muse?

Will Rendle (of Will and the People)
... I worked ITCHY FEET earlier this week; Canon 550D, Flashgun, Lightscope and Wide angle lense.

I don't know what to say... Is there such a thing as a male muse? In the sense of an abstract concept of inspiration. I can't get enough of this band. Their sound is something else and astheticaly they're a photographers dream. So much charicter, so much charisma.

I HAVE to work with them. My fingers are twitching to get my camera out on them.

I've messaged will.

Heres hoping


This was shot on my first visit to Leed's Cockpit.
It's pretty fucking great in there.
Sebastian de Zulueta and I went to see White Belt Yellow Tag.
Christ is there anything better than loud live music?


IMOGEN ROY - a star in the making

...Feeling inspired.
This girl is one hundred percent going to be famous one day. I'm not talking Heat... I'm talking cover of French Vogue.
As a fellow scottish girl I have huge plans for shooting her over this festive season.
check out her blog, It pretty Epic: