Benjamin Francis Leftwich: Live Review and Interview

Last week I shot Benjamin Francis Leftwich for JAM Magazine, a publication not yet a year old started by friend and fellow photographer Jay Hawley and co. Ben was playing in the Brudenell Social Club which is a really great venue, which in my opinion isn't made the most of in Leeds - well certainly not by the people around me. Next week I'm heading down to The Social to shoot King Charles... of whom I am a massive fan. Check it... We Didnt Start the Fire

I first saw Benjamin Francis Leftwich on a brisk evening in September at Bestival in the Isles of White. Competing with the distant base of Magnetic Man’s set on the main stage, Benjamin Leftwich played on the Band Stand to a silent crowd seeking refuge in his humble acoustic sounds. A month later at the Brudenell Social club in Leeds, with the lesser competition of drunken northerners in the bar next door, Ben once again created a still atmosphere where his husky tones and quiet demeanour became the focus of attention.

To read the rest of the interview go to JUST ANOTHER MAGAZINE's website.

Words: Emily Ames



At the end of the week I will be on the streets of London. Joining the peaceful protests. I will document this for all of you whom wish to be there but cannot make it. Peace x