So I am in dire need of a night out. ...i think at this point even some loud music would do it. 
I have spent the entirety of this easter break working in a restaurant waiting on others. 
The week ahead is designated ME time. 
I am heading down to London tomorrow morning. Hectic long journey but most certainly worth it!
Heading back down to Stony Vere to be with the boyfriend and the rest of Will and the People.
 This of means photo opportunities galore. There is to be another Madame Jojo's on Sunday. 
Which means King's of Swingers and burlesque on the streets of SoHo
At the end of the week I shall be getting patriotic again with Imogen, and on this occasion with homie Lulu Wimbush as we plan to celebrate the Royal Wedding in Hyde Park with a bottle of Champers. I'm feeling iconic images of Union Jacks on the streets of London.
I'll be seeing you....


Fritz and I

Ok... so little definition, but I am forever astounded at what an i-phone can do. 
Image by Julia Noble, Leeds
Hipstomatic App

Grandpa Godwin

I just wanted to take the opportunity to show you the inspiration for my latest shoot with Imogen. 
Here is a photograph of Grandpa, in items of his uniform that lie alongside the items used in the shoot in his old army trunk. So much time. So many stories. 
Here too I have put a copy of one of his letters back home to his sister from boarding school. 
I love it for it's character. 
...and the use of the word 'wizard'




A little hint of whats to come from what is to come from my latest shoot with Imogen Roy of EIGHT

Imo wears a combination of a jacket i made from an old flag, her under skirt, and my grandfather's pistol belts, army boots and hat.