Looking forward to a summer of aesthetic (and audio) ecstasy

All this snow has got me craving some summer love, and looking forward to the highlights of next years calander. -festivals interspersed with being a photographer for The Yacht Week. BOOM.

All these images are from 2010's Bestival.
I NEED this energy in front of me.
Which magazine am i going to freelance for? - not of course that i have the choice..
...but say if i did...

Doune the Rabbit Hole: 10th-12th June
Doune Castle's 2 day teaparty
- Rowchester Music Festival: 17th-18th July
-Hosted by the the Harper Gows!
(Saffron is an old friend)
Secret Garden Party: 21st-24th July
visual heaven?
Firefly Music Festival: 12th-14th August
-Hosted by the Hepworths
(I went to school with Peli)
Outlook Festival: 1st-4th September
-Friend and DJ, Liam Wachs (aka Wachs Lyrical)
runs the show alongside other Leeds bigdogs

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