... heres to pursuing one's passions.

I have just returned from a glorious time in London with Will, Keo, Jim and Charlie, who collectively form band and friends

Will and the People

I spent three days watching in awe, the energy buzzing through the veins of these bright young things.

I'm sure you'll remember i met these boys back in December at Itchy Feet. Will graciously returned my email when i contacted him about a desire to shoot them. and... well... BOOM

I genuinely believe things couldn't have gone better. The great thing about shooting performers such as musicians or actors, is that in general they are more comfortable in front of the camera. Theres little battle to get them to relax... as being watched is what they're about.

Although i largely gave direction, the boy's input was invaluable. I spent a long time researching these boys, and especially on the first night when we went out in Camden, studying each of their mannerisms in their natural habitat.

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