(The album cover above is Will and the People's latest... Artwork is by Nina Fini who has used one of my photographs for the work)

NME the iconic music magazine is currently running a massive photography competition.
(See here for details)
I have spent a while browsing images on my hardrive. Obviously I have favourites but it isn't quite as simple as that. Entrants are allowed to submit only FIVE images. And of course you have to consider what other people want to see in the images. I find it hard to judge my own work. I was there... in that moment, and thus taken back to said moment through looking at my photographs. However others looking at the images need to still feel that buzz, that excitement, that laughter, that stress, despite not having been there themselves.
There were several categories for images to be submitted to. The most interesting and i think most relevant to the majority of my images is 'Reportage', for the candid, unstaged photography that tells a story. FAR more interesting than sitting someone down in a studio (not that i am against a classic portrait - as you can see i have included my beautiful shot of Keo).
And the prizes? I'm not bothered about the camera... I just want to meet NME Picture Editor and team. 
And I will.
After much deliberating, I have chosen my five. And here they are...

On the streets of Rome, here we gather
Will and the People - The Game.

Nine, Eleven

Will and the People

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