I'm working my ass off at the moment. Gone are the days when uni days were spent lying in, casual coffees out with friends and partying until the early hours. Now the lie-ins are infrequent, the coffees are downed with a 'hello how are you i must dash!' and nights are spent 'hanging' off walls of clubs looking for that next shot and grabbing a taxi home when the memory card is full but the night is still young. Yesterday I actually shed a tear at a dinner party because I was so overwhelmed and excited about being able to have a night off. Dont get me wrong. You KNOW I am passionate about my camera. But there is something to be said about having a night off from it all. Even if it is your greatest passion. The batteries of the self have to be recharged so those next steps of whatever it is your after can be achieved. I went out with my girls last night and danced on the Tequila dance floor. I felt old. All those freshers... looking not so fresh faced.

Here are some images from my basement shoot and one from the Dr Marten's gig.

Enjoy x

Once upon a time young pianist became highly acclaimed and enjoyed the benefits of success. His friends constantly griped "You're so LUCKY that this all happened to you". "Yes", he said "It's funny. The harder I work, the LUCKIER I get".
-Courtesy of Imogen Roy's FB status

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