As you may have realised by now, I'm a huge fan of light and the effects that it can create.
Silhouettes (I can NEVER spell this word) are great.
Here are some more from the Will and the People shoot. I shot a couple from the other side of the wall with the sun on their faces... (see earlier images). Then i jumped over the wall and shot towards the dying sun.
These boys are great H2T (as Tyra Banks would say)...
'head to toe'.
I particularly love their shoes, Keo's tophat, Will's feather...(i knew the pheasant feathers i plucked would come in use!) and of course the picture frame.


Be daring... Be different

Model of the moment: Imogen Roy
She sure has got one hell of a look. Today we shot two outfits, the second my favourite.
Since shooting Will and the People i have a small addiction to hats... of all colours and sizes. Thankfully Imo is a big fan of the headwear and pulls it off to a T.


Photo Frame


Secret Window

Old crumbling buildings are just such a beautiful set for a photo shoot.
Crawling on hands and knees through a window in to an old decaying building, ceiling fallen in, and so much life growing up though the dirt. Looking in from the outside, through the mossy, shattered windows was truly inspiring.
The sun was low in the sky at this point and we had to be quick. The shadows cast on the glass were just so picturesque and framed the boys faces.
It was so great to shoot some people who needed so little direction. They were so relaxed that i was just able to continually soot them, talking and laughing. No 'posing' to be seen. Even when looking directly in the camera, i didn't have to ask for more intensity because it was just there.


Shoes, brick walls and frames.

Shoes.... Im not talking Christian Loubitons, or Jimmy Choos... I'm talking rough edged kickers which have been worn in by the footsteps of an individual.

There is something especially delicious about a bands foot wear. I don't know why.
One of my first blog posts displayed the results of another band shoot that i did... and yes there are those hot little feet flourishing in photos just like a good old smise.

Slipping in to that old pair of Converse or Doc Martens...

Shoes, especially of the colourful variety go particularly well with brick walls.
Aren't brick walls a delight!? I know my old art school would exclaim something about 'rhythms' and i suppose i'd be inclined to agree.

The textures in this wall are particularly great.

Every seen such an aesthetically pleasing wall??

Shoes and walls can be used over and over, but heres a little addition to the shoot that i would be afraid to exhaust the use of.
A frame.
This beauty was just hanging on the wall in the home of WATP. Isn't it just fantastic. Thought i'd throw in a little picture of myself for a change.


... heres to pursuing one's passions.

I have just returned from a glorious time in London with Will, Keo, Jim and Charlie, who collectively form band and friends

Will and the People

I spent three days watching in awe, the energy buzzing through the veins of these bright young things.

I'm sure you'll remember i met these boys back in December at Itchy Feet. Will graciously returned my email when i contacted him about a desire to shoot them. and... well... BOOM

I genuinely believe things couldn't have gone better. The great thing about shooting performers such as musicians or actors, is that in general they are more comfortable in front of the camera. Theres little battle to get them to relax... as being watched is what they're about.

Although i largely gave direction, the boy's input was invaluable. I spent a long time researching these boys, and especially on the first night when we went out in Camden, studying each of their mannerisms in their natural habitat.