Just to make it clear... 

these images are BEHIND THE SCENES shots... none of which will be used in final piece. 
I have messed around with white balance/tones/contrasts etc for purposes of interpreting the shoot for the blog. 

Behind the scene shots
to Wednesdays shoot for 
Just Another Magazine

The shoot was set up by JAM's stylist Holly Macnaghten, who I fist met a couple of months ago whilst assisting photographer Jay Hawley on another shoot for JAM.

After talking, Holly and I found we a similar aesthetic and therefore were both keen to work together. It has been a while since that first meeting, but I would say it was most certainly worth the wait. 

Holly pulled a selection of pastels, juxtaposing laces and sheer fabrics with harsh cut lines of undergarments and bold jackets. 

We decided to shoot model Lily, both inside and out. We kept it very simple. No fancy locations or need for makeup artists. Once Lily had settled down and felt comfortable (debut modeling performance) she proved to be a natural and supported the 'edgy chic' vibe perfectly. 

Although a particularly grey day I loved the light outside. We used the textured walls of Holly's yard outside her house to set the scene. Lily needed little direction. 

I'll let you know when the final cut makes it up on to JAM...

KW x

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