A Collaboration.

So as I enter my final year of university, thoughts are largely of the looming dissertation. I shall be titling the sum of these 15,000 words the 'Art of Collaboration'. An in depth analysis of why artists and artistic people choose to work together. Analysing the likes of Joeselph Beuys and Richard Demarco, Gilbert and Gerorge and indeed the Bloomsbury Group. Who each in their own way had an almost obsessive interest in the workings of each others minds, continually recording each other in both words and images.

It is therefore a fitting thing that my first photographic endeavour, since being back in Leeds, is a collaboration.

A collaboration for the front cover of the Leeds Student Fresher's Magazine. 

Now I am not one to do any retouching/editing of my photos if any. But that of course is the wonderful thing about working with others. A collaborative project brings in to space and time a merging of ideas and talents such that would not be found through an individual alone. 

The outcome I feel is... outstanding. 

Bianca Wallis 
Claudia Legge

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