I phone?

Life is busy right now.. That kind of busy when you wake in the morning and leap up for fear of having missed the Sky man. That kind of busy that makes you enjoy that cup of tea even more than usual. I find I almost have more time to do things when I have a busy schedule. When the summer holidays draw to a close every year I am always ready to go back to uni. Not just a desire to see friends who have been off sunning themselves on various beaches across the globe. But also a desire to throw myself back in to the thick of it. Im not good at doing nothing. I want to do ... everything. 

So I have just moved in to my new house in Leeds... with its spacious rooms, fireplaces, and allround deliciousness, it is somewhat different to my dingey basement flat last year. Never again I tell you!!

The blackberry is no more.
I am now an avid i-phone devotee. The photo apps, despite being a massive cheat/cop-out with all the 'editing' done for you, are really pretty fun. Here are some 'snaps' of my new home from the new i-phone. 

Peace x 

P.S FLUX tonight... see you there.

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