Upon moving in to our house last year, I had grand visions of turning our basement in to a space I could utilise for my photography. I have taken a few photos down in this dark textured space before, see these shots of India and Emily. It was only this weekend however that I made moves towards turning it in to a space in which I can continuously utilise. 
Frustratingly I have to share the space with the washer and dryer... but they serve well as surfaces to work on so after a little shifting about I was able to create more space for myself. 
I brought my lighting kit downstairs and threw down some chairs.

I considered attacking the walls, smoothing them over, picking off the flaked paint and re painting white. But there is something about the raw textures in here which I couldn't get rid of. 
...after all it's easier to find a blank white wall than a grainy surface such as this. And who wants blank? Certainly not KW.

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