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Afternoon Tea…

Posted on April 27, 2012 by kellygordon1
Afternoon Tea…With Bea! Bea’s of Bloomsbury that is and what an afternoon treat it was. We could hardly contain our excitement as one by one the beautifully wrapped mini marshmallow squares, meringues and cakes were unveiled in the office. The raspberry marshmallow squares were a firm favourite and the millionaire’s shortbread was the perfect indulgent accompaniment to a cup of coffee.Of course if you want to drop by Bea’s they have a fantastic tea shop on Theobalds Road – however you can also find them, more recently, at the Maltby Street Market from 9am – 2pm so if you are looking for your sweet fix this weekend, they are well worth a visit! ''We were also very fortunate to have our talented work experience student, Kate Woods, on hand to take these great photographs!''

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