Los Campasinos

So it was during this gig that my eye gave up on me. Thus why there are so few shots. I only made it through the first two songs before the bright lights just got too much. The start to this week has not been great. I have been in and out of hospital, blood tests and seeing (or rather not seeing) different consultants. Eyes are such precious things so Im taking it easy now. This has been somewhat difficult going from 'go go go' to sitting inside avoiding light all day. Its not great but then I have been able to sit and relax and listen to some vinyl that a bough the other day and haven't had decent time to sit and listen to. My body has finally told me what my friends and co-workers have been saying for a while now... to take it easy. So this weekend, I'm heading home to Scotland. I haven't been home in two months and i'm in need from some TLC. Home is so beautiful and peaceful and I cannot wait. Here's to home and the comfort it brings. 

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