Occupy London

I had a life changer this weekend.

 I will not preach of inequality in the economy, for this is your choice to learn about it. I will however say that outside St. Pauls right now are some of the most inspired and interesting people I have ever met. The creativity of these people is oozing out of the tents and on to the streets of London, and indeed happening all over the world.

The campsite is a sort of... utopian society. In one tent you find kind souls relentlessly pouring tea for anyone, be they part of the occupation or just passers by. Next door is the piano where any time, day or night there is a group tinkering away, singing or just listening. On the steps themselves are artists painting for the sake of painting.. not for any monterey gain as they hand out their creations to those around them. I think I have been looking for the passions of these people for a long time.

What struck me most from this weekend was the openness of every person there. And in the knowledge that everyone was there for the same reason... you have something in common and therefor people immediately seem more approachable. Upon leaving the occupation there was a dramatic contrast. I found myself wanting to approach everybody and say my hellos, and instead of the open smiles I found closed books. Returning to Leeds has been especially hard.

I took time to watch and listen before i started taking any photographs... I wanted to absorb my surroundings first - something i rarely take time to do. I could never capture what this place is to me and the others at the occupation, but I hope that I can show at least a more enlightening view than that which is presented in the media.

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