... a city little yet explored by me, I was given a whip round tour over the weekend. This included what i can only imagine to be the start of what Manc has to offer in its delights. I was taken to the Camera Exchange, vinyl shops, vintage shops and Mr Scruffs tea room... whose cakes exceed that of Mr Kippling tenfold. What really struck me was the amount of art on both the streets and every interior. Driving round the city was a little issue as there was just too much to look at. 

On Friday night we saw Solomon DJ at the  Islington Mill. I have, for a long time had a vision of creating a large and dynamic space for the arts. And this vision was realized here at the former cotton spinning mill. Unlike much of Manchester's industrial heritage which has been converted into loft apartments, Islington Mill is now home to over 50 artists studios, two art galleries a recording studio and club space. It’s one of the few creative spaces in Salford, and has evolved over ten years to become the cultural haven that it is now. Bill Campbell... I shall be in touch!

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